Happiness is life, everything else is distraction


I’m Priya, woman, early forties, living in Holland.
I write about building a happy fulfilling authentic life  from the inside out.

For a long time, I was unhappy and unhappy being unhappy. Things started to change when I decided to follow my heart and make more authentic choices. I wasted a lot of precious time postponing my happiness and dreams as I was too preoccupied finding a life partner. If I had known that he won’t show up, I would have made other life choices and followed my dreams much earlier in life. I can’t change the  past, neither can I make up for lost time. My power to change is now. I own the presence and the future by making more authentic choices and create more happy fulfilling memories and experiences.

In the second half of my life, I want my future old self to be looking back on a happy fulfilling time. My guides to navigate through life are happiness, love, joy and fulfillment.

Unless mentioned otherwise, all illustrations, drawings, sketches, doodles, collages, paintings and photos are mine. I appreciate it if you don’t use them.

Some of My Dreams

# Sell my script, and one more, and one more, etc…

# Immigrate to a country with more nature, space, and a vibrant creative community.

#Live in an area near the beach, wood or other nature

# Adopt two children within five years from now

# Experience life in New York

# Have my business

# Get my pilot licence for a small airplane

# Sail in the Caribbean

# Play piano

# Surf in Hawaii

# Travel more

# Write a play and get it performed

# Be a happy single Hindu woman for the decades to come

#Attract great like-minded friends and people into my life

# And more…..


Some Things About Me….

# I love yoga and meditation

# I love swimming.

# I love books: fiction, non-fiction, science, children’s etc..

# Creativity feeds and heals my soul

# I love music

# I love good movies and TV – series though I don’t own a TV for the last five years

# I’m mesmerized by rain drops rolling down my window

# I’m of Indian descent. In 1873 my ancestors immigrated to Suriname and Holland

# I’m exploring my Indian roots.

# Inspired by Mr. Bean, I sent myself a valentine card

# I gave  up on finding love after two decades of unfruitful search.

# I buy myself flowers

# Places I’ve visited: Turkey, Gent, Antwerpen, Berlin, London, Paris, Portugal, Isla Margarita, Bangkok, Columbia

# I played saxophone for a few years

# I love art

# I like learning new things and exploring different world, views, ideas, etc..

# I row for a few years




 She’s got magic balls in her hand





One Comment on “About”

  1. September 8, 2014 at 4:50 pm #

    Very nice to meet you! I look forward to learning more about you! Keep dreaming, they are what keep us going forward!

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