Creating An Evening Practice

September was about creating an evening practice that I could sustain. Read here about the genesis of my goal.
I already have a good morning practice that sets the tone for the day. I used to have an evening practice but life intervened and I let it slip away. I wanted my new evening practice to support my current needs to unwind the day, prepare for next day and get into a relaxing mode. Since setting an evening practice was rather an extensive goal, I didn’t assume I would find the best fitting practice right away in September. I gave myself permission to play, trying things out.


From day one, I allotted reading time before going to bed. This way, I’ve read through eight children’s books and one book on writing. Besides that I enjoy reading, with a steady reading slot, I also get some reading done regularly. It fits my wish to read more. Also, I wanted to do some yoga after dinner, unfortunately, that didn’t work out as for my late dinners. Next month, I’m planning dinner earlier in the evening. Planning my day ahead worked well for me, giving me insight in my priorities. I’ve managed  to stop procrastination on some issues. I’ve also taken up doing dishes by hand, instead of using my dishwasher.  Doing the dishes is a repetitive action, which gives room to my thoughts. I can work things out in my mind, let ideas or suggestions flow in, think about things that need some solution, mull over the day or let my mind wander. I’ve read that Agatha Christie worked out plots during the dishes. I haven’t experienced that yet but I’m totally open to receive insights.

So, I’ve played with planning my agenda ahead, doing the dishes, and reading. They all served my goals well. It was delightful to have some structure in the evening. In the beginning, it felt like an extra task and constraint but the outcome was rather liberating and fruitful. It’s said structure begets freedom. I really start to believe it’s true. Next month, I’m going to play further with my evening practice and build upon the outcome of this month. Before the end of the year, I’m writing another post about it. I’m curious if any of my readers cultivate an evening practice and what it consist of?


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One Comment on “Creating An Evening Practice”

  1. February 28, 2015 at 8:17 pm #

    A evening practice? Uh, not yet. But I’m glad if that works for you nonetheless 🙂

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