30 days September


I enjoyed the lovely weather on my balcony while I was having a delicious cup of coffee and tasteful cake. Glad I had skipped a big harbor event. A soft breeze and the sound of whistling leaves eased my mind.

I felt happy. Good. Nurtured.

A string of thought flashed through my mind. Could I extend this feeling of ease and happiness till bedtime. Lately, my hours before bedtime have been unpredictable. And, I’m the one to blame for it. The way we start and end our day influences our lives. A crappy start yields a crappy day, and an unfulfilled end of the day leaves you unhappy.

I smiled. At least my morning routine, reading, yoga and meditation, was still intact and serving me well. I had abandoned my evening rhythm. Life happened and bad habits crept in.

Swelling bird sounds caught my attention. A flock of birds flew over, probably heading South. Those smart little creatures took good care of themselves. Undoubtedly, they sticked to their unwavering routine. It is us, humans, who fuck up easy things.

It was clear to me, I missed my evening practice.

Immediately, I decided to switch my initial 30 days goal for September and turn it into ‘Creating a fulfilling evening practice’. No renewing of my old routine. With fresh eyes, I’m going to look what I need NOW to make my evening practice work for me and serve me well.

I’m curious if any of my readers have got any evening practice? How did you come to it? 


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2 Comments on “30 days September”

  1. September 8, 2014 at 4:44 pm #

    Hey! I came over from the community pool. I loved this! Great post. It’s sad how lazyness and bad habits can effect us. Oh I can’t like this for some reason :-/ my app is not so great.


  1. Creating An Evening Practice | Ain't No Doggy Bag Woman - October 6, 2014

    […] was about creating an evening practice that I could sustain. Read here about the genesis of my goal. I already have a good morning practice that sets the tone for the day. […]

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