2x 30 days: I LOVE MYSELF

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Inspired by Kamal Ravikant’s book ‘Love yourself like life depends on it’, I’ve been practising the mantra ‘I love myself’ since June. The author repeated the mantra throughout the day whereas I incorporated the mantra into my daily yoga and meditation practice.  Afterwards, I would make some intuitive drawings, doodles or sketches. Things that were a spontaneous expression of my inner self and carried a personal message for me.

It felt good to use the mantra but my life didn’t change nor did any magic, as the author call it, happen. I guess, because my life wasn’t in a bad condition. I had already been doing some heavy work the past two years when I was in an extremely unhappy phase of my life.

What did this self-love mantra do for me? The mantra helped me to catch sleep when I was sleepless and to stop a worrying monkey mind. It was also helpful to practice more self-care and self-love. I became more aware of how I treated myself and how I showed up in life. Being in a continuing period of change, the mantra bolstered my confidence and choices. The discomfort and uncertainty that runs along with change freaks me out sometimes. I used to beat up myself for that till a great teacher asked me to be more loving, compassionate and kind to myself. She introduced me to her favorite mantra ‘Gentle gentle’. Being gentle and compassionate is exactly what the self-love mantra invites you to do and so much more.

Will I continue to use the self-love mantra? Yoga, meditation and mantras are part of my lifestyle. I’ll add this powerful self-love mantra to my already rich equipment to enhance my life and happiness. If you’re willing to do the work without any expectation, you’ll notice shift happens. Don’t look for the big things or magic but appreciate every grade of enhancement. Brick of brick you’ll build a more loving life. I recommend the book if you want an easy profound read on self-love and are ready to change your life from the inside out. Inner changes are the best changes to improve your life.

It’s an act of self-love

– If you take good care of yourself

– If you let go of relationships that don’t feed, fulfill or uplift you

– If you enjoy the small things in life

– If you’re present

-If you’re the CEO of your life

– If you listen to your heart

– If you allow yourself to feel

– If you trust your intuition

– If you accept yourself with all your flaws and conditions

– If you can embrace your inner child

– If you can laugh at yourself

– If you can look yourself into the eyes and say  ‘I love you’

– If you’re your best friend

– If you nurture the relationship with yourself

– If you follow the road of happiness

– If you can let go of the past

– If you open up to live

– If you enjoy life

– If you choose love above all

– If you practice self compassion

– If you are your own greatest supporter

– If you work on fulfilling your dreams

– If you’re connected with the divine


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